In our effort to achieve a Just Transition, GreenRoots is working to move our communities away from an extractive, fossil fuel economy while working to create greater access to renewable, resilient and affordable energy while developing our independence from the energy grid.


An equitable, clean energy transition includes frontline communities!

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Who doesn't want greater protection from power outages? Who doesn't want the potential for energy savings?

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  • An East Boston activist protesting plans for an electrical substation in the environmental justice community of East Boston.

    No Eversource Substation Campaign

    Fighting current plans for the construction of an electrical substation on Chelsea Creek, in a flood zone, next to 8M gallons of jet fuel, in an environmental justice neighborhood, and next to two public parks

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    Community-owned Microgrid

    Leading the implementation of a community-owned microgrid

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    Renewable Energy Solutions

    Collaborating with municipal partners on renewable energy solutions including community solar, battery storage and zero carbon emissions plans

  • Three East Boston activists protesting the construction of the Eversource substation in Eagle Hill, East Boston.

    Clean Energy Options

    Advancing clean energy options

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  • A man with a navy blue sweater that has a zipper and short, dark brown hair taking a photo in front of the Chelsea Creek.

    Sari Kayyali

    Microgrids Manager

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    Sari Kayyali (he, him, his)

    Sari was born and raised in the Greater Boston Area before attending Case Western Reserve University to pursue a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He started his career working in New York City as part of the construction management team for the Q-Line Subway Expansion. After a national energy crisis left his family in Lebanon without reliable access to electricity for months, Sari returned to Boston to join the movement for energy justice in and around his home city.

    He is excited to be a part of the Microgrid initiative at GreenRoots and hopes its success can act as a proof of concept for communities around the world. In his free time, Sari enjoys reading, playing the trumpet, and losing at chess.

  • A photo of a young man with with blonde hair and wearing glasses with black frames standing in front of a tan wall with his arms crossed.

    Devin MacGoy

    Energy Democracy Organizer

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    Devin MacGoy (he, him, his)

    As the Energy Democracy Community Organizer, Devin works to build community knowledge of the energy system, reduce the heavy energy cost burden in Chelsea and East Boston, and promote community ownership of clean energy assets. His mission is to help residents use the clean energy transition as an opportunity to address long-standing environmental, health, and economic inequities.

    Devin is originally from Virginia and graduated from Georgetown University, where he studied International Relations. He has worked in politics in Virginia and healthcare access in North Carolina, and he taught English in Slovakia on a Fulbright grant. He serves on the Board of Directors of the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen, teaches English at Revival International Center in Chelsea, and is a member of Mayor Wu’s SPARK young adult advisory council. In his free time, Devin enjoys experimenting with new recipes, running, hiking, and playing the guitar. Devin speaks Spanish and Portuguese.

  • A photo of a person with their hair parted in the middle and a black top standing in front of the Chelsea Creek.

    Bianca Navarro-Bowman

    Climate Justice Manager

    she, her, hers / they, them theirs

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    Bianca Navarro-Bowman (she, her, hers / they, them theirs)

    Bianca is passionate about building community knowledge, power, and leadership to combat the unequal effects of climate change. At GreenRoots, she leads and supports projects that focus on centering resident perspectives in advancing community climate resilience and adaptation. Bianca works with community members and coworkers to improve the ability of EJ populations to safely navigate increasing summer heat temperatures, flood impacts, and decarbonization efforts that threaten to leave low- and middle-income folks and people of color behind in the clean energy transition. She has been working with GreenRoots since 2021 and loves Chelsea, East Boston, and the incredible residents and organizations she gets to collaborate with.

    She is originally from the Washington, DC area and graduated from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. She studied Environmental Science & Policy and English Literature, and also has a background in community-based citizen science research, environmental field work and forest fire management work. Bianca loves taking trips to the mountains, eating, reading, and attending music and arts events throughout the Boston area.

  • A man with salt and pepper hair with a tan shirt standing in front of the Chelsea Creek.

    John Walkey

    Director of Climate Justice & Waterfront Initiatives

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    John Walkey (he, him, his)

    John is an East Boston resident who has been a committed advocate for environmental justice and immigrant rights in his neighborhood for the past twenty years. Starting in 2017, John has led GreenRoots’ work in East Boston and along the waterfront of the Chelsea Creek. John worked for a decade in hazard risk assessment and mitigation, and natural resource management in Central America and the Caribbean for NGOs, the US government, and the United Nations. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Archaeological Sciences from Boston University and a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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